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  1. Come play in Las Vegas!!

    • Glad to hear Vegas scene is alive & well. Thanks for the offer/encouragement, we have always had fun shows in Las Vegas. We’ll try and get there again, once we finish recording our 4th record. Peace on Earth! *Supernova*

  2. Theres 5 bars here you can play easily, and House shows galore I can set up.

  3. Dearest Supernova
    I love you. Keep on keeping on
    Your’s truly
    Sean Funcheon

  4. Best live show ever was at the House of Blues in San Diego about 5-6 years ago. I was there to see the Aquabats and it was the very last stop on their tour. It was around the middle of December, just can’t recall the year. One of the opening bands was these guys in space garb who came out of nowhere. The band was Supernova and when Art Mitchell, lead singer, made some comments about the new President, I WAS HOOKED!!! I never laughed so hard and have never seen a better live concert. Unfortunately it seems as it was one of the last live shows ever. I’d love to see them play anywhere on the west coast. SD, LA, OC even Sacramento has great live venues and a good punk scene. Just wish I could keep track of you guys more easily so I don’t miss anything.

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