Supernova® is a power trio, that plays melodic punk/space wave with a sense of urgency. Established in the early 1990’s and hailing from Costa Mesa, California, Supernova’s recordings include 3 full length records, dozens of singles (45s) and appearances on soundtracks & compilations. Supernova media appearances include TV shows (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Bill Nye the Science Guy) and a TV pilot (“Last In Space”). Supernova has toured the US & Canada numerous times, and supported many great bands like the Aquabats, the COWS, Presidents of the USA, the Buzzcocks, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Man or Astroman and Blondie along with playing WARPED tours and festivals like Bamboozle. Supernova continues working on songs for its forthcoming full length 4th record while, making modifications to the “spaceship” (a highly modified ’67 Ford Econoline) and waiting for the stars to align just right for the live show so they can revive their precious tinfoil reserves. Supernova comes in peace.

Official Communiqué:
Supernova began on a faraway planet known as Cynot3. The inhabitants of Cynot3 were peaceful people who spent their days relaxing and treasure hunting for tin foil. Then one fateful day their sun went supernova and they were forced to flee their planet. Three survivors, Art, Jo, and Dave, fled the explosion in an escape pod and crash landed on earth. They took up habitance in Costa Mesa, California where they began to play a form of rock and roll they call Spacewave. Quickly becoming very popular Supernova released a series of 7” vinyl sound wafers that provided an excuse to perform their Spacewave across the country. Along the way Supernova established a dedicated following that stretches from coast to coast.

Supernova’s debut full length album “Ages 3 & Up” came out on Amphetamine Reptile/ Atlantic Records in 1995, followed by further nationwide tours of the U.S. and Canada, appearances on the original Warped Tour in 1995, and Warped ‘99, SXSW and the CMJ convention. Supernova has toured with the Buzzcocks, Boss Hog, Presidents of the USA, Reel Big Fish, the Cows, and numerous other established acts. Supernova contributed the song “Chewbacca” to the Kevin Smith’s indie classic “Clerks.” Other full-length Supernova releases include its 1998 “Rox” album on Amphetamine Reptile and the 2002 “Pop as a Weapon” album on Sympathy for the Record Industry.

Supernova continues collecting tin foil from hordes of mindless earth kids, playing Spacewave and refining songs for their next full-length sound wafer. After people of earth witness a live Supernova performance they come away with a new found respect for tin foil. Such accomplishments fuel Supernova pushing them ever further into the outer reaches of Spacewave.


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