Supernova US Tour with roadie Matt & 15 passenger Ford van

Supernova's on US/Canada tour with roadie Matt Liabe- pre-game red shirts....cowboy hats from Vader, Texas flee market... and our trusty 15 passenger Ford touring van

Splashdown on first Warp tour- Vancouver, BC

Splashdown intro set on first Warp Tour (w/ Sublime & No Doubt) playing enormo-dome in Vancouver, BC - Super Art bass, Jo Nova guitar...

New Music Out Now!

Supernova's first release since the Rocks album out now- a collection of studio tracks and B-sides for your listening pleasure!

On the set of Last in Space tv pilot with Kevin Cow

Stopping in Minneapolis turing a US/Canada tour to film a TV pilot called "last In Space" (written and directed by Tom Hazelmyer)... During a break from shooting Kevin "Cow" Rutmanis, the legendary bass player for the legendary AmRep band THE COWS (& label mates to Supernova) stopped by for a visit (and free coffee). L-R: SuperArt's torso, Dave Nova sporting bellhop/chin strap dew, Kevin *Cow* Rutmanis, and Jo Nova - sporting brown German track suits found in Seattle supply (they were the best).

Chopping the Supernova Spaceship (a 1967 Ford Econoline - super van)

Any outerspace band worth its salt will naturally have a galaxy worthy ship... Dave Nova found their's sitting neglected in a San Clemente cul-de-sac and bought it for $400, the rest is history'... the Supernova "Spaceship" continues to undergo many transformations (presently getting a v-drive at Slim's fab farm).... here it is getting a 6" pie-cut by Phil Leatherman of Extreme Automotive in Chino, California....

Welcome to the official Supernova site!

Greetings people of Earth! We are Supernova and we hail from deep space.
Besides writing, recording and playing music, we enjoy collecting tinfoil... because it is shiny and our favorite color = SILVER!

While we are just visitors to this Cosmos, we like all our Earth friends that have supported us over the years! We hope you enjoy our website. Stay shiny!

Supernova on Yo Gabba Gabba- Season 1

Supernova visited the set of Yo Gabba Gabba season 1 and played "Up & Down" for the show.

Nova Tours

Super Art's bass case has to be extra heavy duty because Super Art often drops his gear loading it in and out of clubs.
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